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Gusu district has an open source UAV test center

HexSoon Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2018, is committed to expanding testing services and solutions for science and technology enterprises, with "sea" in suzhou test conditions, can provide users with all kinds of test flights authentication service, is the Ardupilot partner, dedicated to promoting open source drones, actively expand business in new areas, Open up new ideas, new products and new services for uav overall solutions.

In 2018, the open source UAV test Center was officially established by Suzhou Star Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. It was witnessed by nearly 100 delegates from home and abroad who came to Suzhou to participate in the 2018 ArduPilot Global UAV Developers Conference.

An aerial drone and a surface drone were on display at huqiu Wetland Park on the same day. Drone technology is changing fast, and the drone market is improving fast. Compared with closed source uAVs, the operating system of open source UAVs can be updated continuously and can be more secure. Suzhou Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. set up an open source uav test center to target this rapidly expanding market. At present, most of the company's customers and partners are foreign high-tech enterprises.


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